Wake up America, it’s time to realize,

We’re all being robbed by just a handful of guys.

They’re unconscionably greedy, corrupt, and lovele$$ to the core.

‘They don’t care what’s fair or right for US, because they make Thee Law

Laws designed to enslave us

In poverty, debt, and despair

So they can live their thieving lie-ves in luxury

Without a conscious care

It’s OUR hard earned money

That made our great nation wealthy

While their ONE PERCENT  hordes half of it

Leaving the rest us struggling and unhealthy

They control all our media

To keep us in ignorance and fear

With nasty campaigns of lies and hate

Making truth now all too rare

They push their guns and say “now kill each other,”

To divide and conquer us all

Because united we could stand up to them

But divided they know we will fall.

But fret not my sisters and brothers

‘Cause we have power far greater than they want you to know

Because of viral email, movies and songs,

WE can now make these greedy bastards go

We can demand laws designed to free us

And make the filthy rich pay their fair share

Then fix all our depleted programs

Because OUR money will still be there

We are 330 million strong now

Versus just a handful of billionaire puppeteers

Who pull the strings on ‘all’ our law-fakers

And have been for so many years

It’s time we unite US - the hellbent red and the too passive blue,

And all those who just don’t care

We can take our country back without blood shed

And we can do it all this year

Black and brown lives matter,

And so do yellow and blue,

These greedy old white guys have got to go

The ball’s in OUR court now, so what do ya want to do?

Continue to attack fellow victims?

Keeping them down, rather than getting your own life right?

Or direct your anger toward OUR ‘Real’ Enemies

So together we can end this wrongful Left vs. Right un-American fight?

We started waking up in the sixties

When pot made it all crystal clear

To choose a Loving Brotherhood

Over fighting their wars on beer

Go Purple Ourmerica

It’s our only way out of their game

victim  HURTING  victim  has  got  to  stop!

And we need to start calling each other by name - my Brother, Sister.




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